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Live performance at BRDCST Festival at Ancienne Belgique, Brussels in April 2022, with American composer and experimental filmmaker Christina Vantzou and a five-piece ensemble.

​Ensemble: Androula Kafa (voice), John Also Bennett (bass flute, synthesisers, piano), Ben Bertrand (bass clarinet), Vincent Werbrouck (cello), Ezra Fieremans (piano)

Press: Erik Vandamme in conversation with Christina Vantzou,

EV: I saw you live at BRDCST in Brussels, extraordinary performance that was; what struck me, apart from your visual performance, you are surrounded with multi-instrumentalists, top musicians and a singer who radiates pure emotion through her penetrating operatic voice. Where did you find them, how did this cooperation come about? The magic seems to work between you all so well.

CV: I was very lucky to be with such a lovely group on stage. JAB was on there — he played bass flute / juno / modular synths / piano. Ben Bertrand was on stage, playing bass clarinet. Ezra Fieremans playing piano is a good friend. There was also Gent-based cellist Vincent Werbrouck. Androula Kafa is the singer. Androula and I had only meet a few weeks before the concert! It had been decided that the lineup was going to be a five-piece. But with musicians precarious, busy schedules there’s always a question of who is available. The concert was approaching and Androula literally popped up. A friend helped connect us while I was in Cyprus for an extended stay after a performance. And it clicked between us. I agree about her voice. It’s got something that you can’t quite describe with words.

Photos: Michelle Geerardyn

Photos: Geert Vandepoele

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