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androula ft. a circle of voices

Saturday 16/12, 20:30

Sessions x SPEL

State Gallery of Contemporary Art — SPEL

As our panting breaths converge

our spirits slowly merge

and in that oneness

suddenly we know:

we are part of a beginning, 

not an end.

A live performance-meditation led by a vocal ensemble formed through a recent programme of open workshops at Sessions. Built around a series of sonic meditations which the audience is invited both to witness and enter into, based on the work of lesbian composer and experimental music pioneer Pauline Oliveros (1932-2016), Exercise in Light explores the curing and radical potential of shared musical experience and sound-making, especially in times of collective despair—an experiment in common grief and rage; an attempt at joint solace; a communal spell for hope.

Concept and direction: Androula Kafa
a circle of voices: Eleni Anastassiou, Stella N. Christou, Androula Kafa, Panayiotis Mina, Nicola Mitropoulou, Loizos Olympios, Pàpas, Panayiotis Pavlides, Gervaise Alexis Savvias, Demetris Shammas & more 
Light installation: Demetris Shammas
Graphics and garments: Nikos Stephou

Book: online or on 22479600 (tickets 5€)

Commissioned by and presented in the framework of Sessions x SPEL, a series of queer happenings, at the State Gallery of Contemporary Art - SPEL, June-December 2023.

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