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Subaerial is an ongoing series of deep-listening ceremonies initiated by Veronica Georgiou, using ambient and experimental sound to transcend thought by experiencing stillness. SUBAERIAL: EVRY1WLCOME comprised binaural live meditation sessions by androula and uvglov composed around the 528hz and  639hz sound frequencies, followed by long-form ambient sound collages by mohama tajalof and Juniper & Dittany. 

The event was presented in the context of the Sickle & Code exhibition and events programme and the Phygital project. Phygital (an Interreg V 2014-2020 BalkanMed, EU-funded programme) was co-organised by the University of Nicosia Research Foundation and Lakatamia Municipality. Implementation partner: Thkio Ppalies. Co-curated by Peter Eramian, Elena Parpa and Evi (Evanthia) Tselika.

Thkio Ppalies, Nicosia, December 2018

Digital totems by Despina Rangou

Poster by Nico Stephou

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