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What happens to me is written up there

Sound piece for What happens to me is written up there, a solo exhibition by Maria Loizidou presented at Eins Gallery, Limassol, in October – November 2022. Listen on SoundCloud.

Returning to her hometown, Maria Loizidou shares parts of her work that refer to the practice of drawing. For this purpose, more than 2,000 drawings have been brought together, presenting the energy of Loizidou's non- stop labours and participatory praxis. This particular presentation of drawings aims to create a visual repository, posing the question of whether it can be synchronised with the social history and public culture of the locality, as well as within a wider geographical context; an archival effort that has, as its starting point, the belief that the examination of drawings can be included in the practice of articulating stories that are common to all. 

The gallery space will host the tensions of fragile pencil lines that move beyond paper, and the practice of rendering speech as reading reflections of shared experiences. In the same direction, workshops are proposed that are designed to expand the archive and place our thinking at the core of researching collective history and public existence.

The presentation of the drawings will be accompanied by the participation of Loizidou, a sound piece by Androula Kafa, as well as the use of other media developed in the gallery space.

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