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A series of philosophical, musical and poetic reflections on our relationship with the natural world and its creatures, informed by a vivid awareness of the unfolding climate crisis. What is the future of humanity—and what do we want it to be? How can we morally and psychologically process the vast damage being inflicted upon the earth and its nonhuman inhabitants? How can we negotiate the startling prospect of our own extinction?


Using text, video, and live music performed by a choral ensemble, the performance critically contemplates the philosophy, psychology and ethics of climate change in an attempt to capture the present moment. It was developed in the framework of theYard.Residency.21 by the Centre of Performing Arts MITOS and subsequently presented at Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival and Xarkis Festival.

Text, original music, performance: Androula Kafa
Concept and creative advice: Evita Ioannou
Choral ensemble: Maria Alexandrou, Nataly Evagorou, Marios Kolonias, Elena Michaelidou, Semeli Tilemachou
Choral arrangements: Marios Kolonias, Androula Kafa, Elena Michaelidou
Video: Adonis Archontides, Dimitris Chimonas
Poster and visuals: Adonis Archontides
Mentorship: Elena Agathokleous


Fourth of July (YouTube)

Requiem for the Nonhuman (YouTube)

Photos © Xarkis Festival 2021, captured by Emma Louise Charalambous

Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival; photos by Sergio Vaccaro

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