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Other Aspects of Reality, Ocean Space by TBA21—Academy, Venice, 2024 (upcoming); Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, 2024 (upcoming); phenomena, Anafi, organised by the Kerenidis Pepe Collection — Association Phenomenon, 2021; Lemesos International Documentary Festival, 2021

Sonic Offering, theYard.Residency by the Center of Performing Arts MITOS, Limassol; rehearsal residency programme by Arianna Economou, Nicosia, 2024 (ongoing)

EXERCISE IN LIGHT ft. a circle of voices, Sessions x SPEL, State Gallery of Contemporary Art — SPEL, Nicosia, 2023

SUBAERIAL: DIRT IS FOR EVRY1!!!!, Sessions x SPEL, State Gallery of Contemporary Art — SPEL, Nicosia, 2023

Opening Ceremony, Queer Wave IV, directed by Evita Ioannou, Sessions x SPEL, State Gallery of Contemporary Art — SPEL, Nicosia, 2023

Clairvoyance: Improvisations On the Music of Nam June Paik, Lemesos International Documentary Festival, 2023

NOISE TRAFFIC, presented by sensorium space and Station of Commons, Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Helsinki, 2023

BRDCST Festival with Christina Vantzou and ensemble, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, 2022

CRAFTLAND, with Maria Spivak, cur. Christos Kyriakides, Anassa Resort, Paphos, 2022

Xarkis Festival, with Krista Papista / stelios ilchuk, Agros, Nicosia, 2022

sessionmas, Sessions: A Programme of Queer Happenings, Nicosia, 2022

it may all be over soon, Center of Performing Arts MITOS; Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival; Xarkis Festival, 2021

Limassol International Documentary Festival closing ceremony, cur. Sofronis Sofroniou, 2020

SUBAERIAL: EVRY1WLCOME, Thkio Ppalies, Nicosia, 2019

Phoenix with en.act theatre, The Roof, Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, Nicosia, 2019

Cam As You Are, Avant-Garde Press, Nicosia, 2019

Self as Actor: Colonising Identity exhibition opening with Maria Alexandrou, NeMe Arts Centre, Limassol, 2019

Dreaming of a white noise xmas, presented by Moneda, Autobahn, Limassol, 2019

The Labyrinth, with Dimitrios Michailidis, theYard.Residency.19, Center of Performing Arts MITOS, Limassol, 2019

HIS DARK ELEMENTS, with Bernhard HollingerOT301, Amsterdam, 2019

Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival, with Aneesha Michael, Nicosia, 2018

The Only Way Out Is Through, by Dimitris Chimonas, Moving the New residency programme, Dance House Lemesos, 2018

Nix Vigilia, Floricienta Iuvenalis, Nicosia, 2018

Talking Field with Riccardo Matlakas, I am NOT Tino Sehgal, Nahmad Projects, London, 2016


A City-center Seaview Penthouse at Oceanic, cur. Andreas Mallouris, Koraï Project Space (off-site, Limassol, 2024

Maria Loizidou: What happens to me is written up there, Eins Gallery, Limassol, 2022

Tsushima Haikus with Adonis Archontides, presented in The Fields of Algorithms, cur. David Blandy for The One Minutes Foundation, exhibited at Museum for the Future, Enschede and Het Nieuwe Institutt, Amsterdam, 2021–2022

Adonis Archontides: sensing is believing, believing is seeing, Nicosia Municipal Arts Center, 2022

Eva & Belinda Papavassileiou: SPLAYED, MeMeraki, Limassol, 2022

The Nether by Jennifer Haley, dir. Evita Ioannou, phytorio — Visual Artists and Art Theorists Association, Nicosia, 2020

I Zoi en Tafo, WAVES & RITUALS audio series, mother tongues, London, 2020

Abelard & Heloise by Yiannis Kalavrianos, dir. Kostas Silvestros, ETHAL, Limassol; Theatro Dentro, Nicosia; Markideio Theatre, Paphos, 2020

Farewell, My Heart; The Time Has Come to Surrender to History, Regnosis Online Exhibition, cur. Lefki Savvidou and Eleni Angastiniotou, 2020

Human Nature with Jeremy Carne, Elevate Festival, Graz, Austria, 2019

Eleni by Yiannis Ritsos, SRSLY Yours theatre ensemble, Synergeio, Limassol, 2019


DJ Katta

Guest Mix, Umbo by builtonsoil collective, Stegi Radio, Onassis Stegi, 2024



I am also a light (live at ThkioPpalies 2023), with Rotala & Ioli, NOW! THAT'S WHAT I CALL HONEST ELECTRONICS, Volume 1, Honest Electronics, 2024

Mine, with RAW SILVER, "Bestial celestial mechanics", XRC Foundation, 2022

Elevate Me, "Safety Veil (Fire Relief)", Honest Electronics, 2021

You Are, with RAW SILVER, "Dishonest Sampler", Dishonest, 2021

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